JCY 1900 image


JRC´s new VDR incorporates the latest technology and complies with new regulation MSC.333(90)

In line with the revised Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) performance standards which came into force on 1 July 2014, JRC welcomes or as we say in Japan, yōkoso, to our fourth generation VDR model, the JCY-1900. Having been involved in VDR development from the very beginning in 2001, this latest revision in the performance standards has allowed JRC to re-think, develop and design its latest model with the standard attention to detail for performance, reliability and long term competitive cost of ownership.

No new S-VDR regulation, yet a new model
While there is no new Simplified Voyage Data Recorder (S-VDR) requirement, there will also be the new JCY-1950 variant available with just one capsule, fixed or float free. JRC is a company founded on the principles of long term reliability and customer support and there are many ship owners sailing with older S-VDR makes and models that might no longer be supported. JRC views this as a duty to these owners to continue to offer an acceptable alternative solution.


 DM100 Image

Danelec DM100 VDR (Top Retrofit Choice) 

Have conversion kit fit for any old VDR model and the simple configuration design makes replacement never be easier and fast 
Factory offer swab unit for economical spare support 
World wide standardize price on COC 
Well established world service network with essential spares available to ensure successful APT  



Danelec DM100 S-VDR 

Good for retrofit with vessel which currently carry a S-VDR (mainly for ships built before July 01, 2000) 

Same engine and technology as DM100



 Netwave NW 6000 image

Netwave NW6000 VDR 

The NetWave 6000 is an innovative VDR device with a sufficient and uninterruptible power supply. Its network switch is designed with built-in time and space in mind, and provides scalability up to the largest watercraft. It also has a high degree of plug-and-play interconnection.

  • Complete project responsibility SVDR and VDR (replacement) installation at fixed cost
  • All IMO required certifications including Wheelmark, Russian Register, and China Class
  • Worldwide service-network along the major shipping routes
  • Free Easyfix kits to replace outdated SVDRs and VDRs at lowest cost


Netwave NW 6000 image