JRC JLN 720 image


JRC Satellite log JLN-720

Ground Track Speed Log

  • Highly accurate speed measurement
  • Triaxial vessel speed calculation
  • Intuitive operation
  • BAM compliant alert handling


JLN 740 Doppler log

JRC Doppler speed log JLN-740

Speed Log

  • Highly accurate speed and distance log
  • 5-inch color touch display
  • Proprietary bubble detection
  • 10.8VDC to 31.2VDC 


JRC JLN 741 image

JRC doppler Speed log JLN-741

Speed Log

  • Highly accurate speed and distance log
  • Proprietary bubble detection
  • 10.8VDC to 31.2VDC
  • Cost-effective display


 JLN 550 Doppler Sonar

JRC JLN-550 (Discontinued)

♦ Ship speed measurement is insensible to bubbles generated in high-speed navigation, ensuring stable speed display.
♦ The transducer is substantially downsized, allowing it to be installed on the bow side that is little affected by bubbles.
♦ An underwater-mateable connector is adopted for the transducer, so that a transducer can be replaced at a quay even in case of its failure.
♦ The equipment is provided with an additional function of indicating the ship's fore and aft speeds and port and starboard speeds by entering GPS information.
♦ The ship's port and starboard speeds at its arbitrary position can be indicated by entering ROT information.
♦ An optimal Doppler sonar system can be configured by combining a variety of options.
♦ On-line maintenance (option)allows any failure to be detected during navigation.


 JLN 650 Doppler  

JLN-650 Doppler Current Meter

The new JLN-650 Doppler current meter continues the tradition of enhanced acquisition of speed and tidal current data, but now with a newly designed transducer and the integration of information, such as current speed range, depth range, temperature and so on.



 JLN 205MKII image

JRC JLN-205MK2 (Discontinued)

The JLN-205MK2 is a stable and highly accurate measurement tool to ensure stable speed data utilizing high frequencies ultrasonic waves. The unit incorporates many display modes readily available on a highly visible 4.5-inch LCD display. Besides the display being fully dimmable and having backlit keys, it features dual LED backlight (white and orange), making it easy to operate in various light settings on the bridge

 EML 500 image


• A preamplifier is built into the sensor for stable and long-distance transmission (max.300m long) of the current signal.
• The EML500 can receive a backup signal(NMEA-0183) from external speed sensors such as a GPS receiver.
• A dual-axis sensor (optional) measures a ship's transverse speed as well as its longitudinal speed.